Read the blog on Shinhan Bank ROI analysis. Shinhan Bank uses Intel(R) vPro Technology in their ATMs which allows to perform remote updates, patching, reimaging and problem resolution of the machines. IT technicians now remotely maintain, update, diagnose and repair ATMs.


Highlights from ROI analysis on Shinhan Bank's ATM using Intel(R) vPro Technology:

  • Shinhan Bank reduced ATM downtimeby 1,014 hours (1.4 hours per ATM) within the first year of implementation of Intel vPro Technology in ATMs.

  • ROI study projects 43% reduction in ATM downtime; 33% reduction in the site visits.

  • Projected Break-even point in year 2, savings of over $608,000 across 6 years.

  • Positive ROI of 524% in year 6


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Link:Shinhan Bank Projects 524% ROI in 6 Years and 43% Reduction in ATM Downtime via Embedded Intel® vPro™ Technology