In my last blog I talked about the possibility of using vPro to remotely fix a system troubled by the McAfee 5958 .dat file. I even promised a video. The video is not ready, but hopefully this is better. We made a new boot disk that will fix this issue.


There are two disks in the package. e5958r.iso can be used with vPro systems remotely with SOL/IDER. Basically you just trigger the remote boot and the disk works around the issue. e5958r_kvm.iso is nearly the same, except that it can be used on non-vpro systems as well. You can either IDER boot it remotely. Using KVM Remote Control you can see it's output. Or you can burn it to a CD and boot it locally. Either method will result in working around the issue.


Also included are details instructions on using the boot disk and the exact actions the disk will take on your systems. Plus the source code for the boot disks are included so you can modify the script.


And yes, I'm working on a video...stay tuned :-).


If you use this disk, I'd love to hear about it.