I just finished my second session with my co-speaker, Russ Wilson from Microsoft. Both the first sessions that introduced Intel AMT and the seconds session with Microsoft SCCM went very well. With both sessions done, most of the stress of gone, tomorrow I still have 4 hours of “showtime” with two back-to-back labs on Intel AMT and Intel vPro.


I did not get to see Renee’s keynote this morning since I have to bail out to get ready for the session, but judging for the advanced technology showcase, she introduced more 3D technology. There is a great 3D gaming demo using circular polarized glasses and 3D TV’s, it’s really amazing. I just uploaded a bunch for videos for the Intel vPro Expert Center blog site on my YouTube Channel.


This video recorded before the keynote.


Before the first Intel vPro session, getting ready.


A walkthru of the showcase floor before the opening.


Having fun, more reports tomorrow from day 2 of IDF.