As much as we try to simplify AMT, at the end of the day it’s a very complex product. Sometimes when we try to simplify it, well, it can become slightly more complicated (the good news is that in the long run it will become better).


When Intel AMT development began there was a lot of emphasis on _where_ AMT would be used. Would it be an enterprise “big business” product or a small business product or both? The answer was both of course, but then we needed to look at what features would apply to each (for example, a small business probably doesn’t have a full certificate authority infrastructure in place). This lead to the development of a Small Business Mode (SMB) and Enterprise mode. While this wasn’t a bad idea to lead it issues where an “enterprise” customer wanted SMB features and vice versa.


Now let’s fast forward to 2010, starting with AMT 6.0 there is no longer a differentiation between the two. (If you want SMB “just turn it on” you can still do that. See: )
Now that I’ve set the stage if you look inside MEBx you’ll see a new option: “Legacy Redirection Mode” under the SOL/IDER menu. You may be asking yourself what that is and do I need it enabled?

Well, in AMT there is a redirection listener for SOL/IDER. In previous generations this listener was opened or closed by default depending on if the user was in SMB or enterprise mode. In SMB mode the listener was always open by default. Thus if a management console tried to connect it would work and everyone was happy. For enterprise mode this listener was closed by default. An “enterprise” management console would need to open the listener, connect, then close the listener. As of AMT 6.0 this listener is closed by default so if a management console, such as an ‘SMB’ console, doesn’t support opening the listener then SOL/IDER redirection will fail. That’s not good, so we added a switch to support it.


Does your management console use the SMB model or Enterprise model? You can ask your vendor directly, or if you see a failing case you can enable legacy direction. So in simplifying the product, it become a bit more complicated.  But now you know!


How can I enabled/disable AMT legacy redirection?
Enter MEBx (CTRL-P during boot on most platforms)
Select “Intel(R) AMT Configuration”
Select “SOL/IDER”
Select “Legacy Redirection Mode”
A message will show “Redirection Mode must be enabled when using a legacy SMB Redirection Console”
Choose Enabled / Disabled