I arrived in Beijing a few hours ago ahead of the Intel Developer Forum (IDF) which starts on April 13th. It's a great honor for me to be a speaker and to show off the existing and newer features in Intel AMT. I am scheduled to be a speaker at two sessions on the first day and two labs on the second day. The first day sessions will recap many of the features of Intel AMT and see how Microsoft SCCM can be used in actual deployments. On the seconds day, I will be running two labs of two hours each. These are my favorite time since I get to be in a smaller room and show off and explain Intel AMT in a more personal setting. The labs are also much less scripted, so it's a time for our users and partners to get help of topics that are important for them, or provide feedback on the technology.


If being a speaker for a total of 6 hours during the two day event was not suffisent, I also get to run part-time the Intel vPro booth in the technology showcase. This is the general area where people go from booth to booth to get a quick overview of our technology. I will be there answering questions and showing off many of the features that get people to say "wow, my computer can't do that". I also shipped a few boxes of my book "Active Platform Management Demystified" as give away prises for our more entousiastic participants.


In all, this promesses to be two very full and fun days. I landed yesterday which should give me time to sync up with the local timezone. Well, I am not off to a good start, I am typing this blog and it's 2:40am here.