The Aberdeen Group has determined that for every 100 laptop PCs companies issue, 15 will never be seen again. According to “Laptop Lost or Stolen? Five Questions to Ask and Answer,” sponsored partly by Intel, five will be lost or stolen (one recovered) and 11 will simply vanish, leaving companies stuck for millions of dollars in compromised data alone.  According to Aberdeen “the research shows that the top performers are much more likely than all others to standardize and lock down their platforms and configurations, and to remotely disable or “kill” the platforms if they are lost or stolen”.  Which puts Intel® Anti-Theft Technology right in the sweet spot for best in class companies.


Other tidbits from Aberdeen:


  • Top performers realize $44 per endpoint in cost savings from reducing the net number of lost, stolen and missing endpoints
  • Tens of millions of dollars in costs avoided by averting more  than 2-times the number of data loss or data exposure incidents


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