Shinshu University Hospital (SUH) is a well-known hospital in Nagano, Japan. Founded in 1949, the hospital manages 11 departments in

internal medicine and 14 departments in surgery. The hospital employs about 1,300 professionals, such as physicians, nurses, pharmacists, and medical technicians. Currently, SUH has approximately 1,500 PCs which are used for health care administration, patient record management, medical information access, and office productivity applications. More than 200 of the PCs are mobile laptops with wireless connectivity. A number of these laptops are

carried around by hospital staff for patient visits and bedside consultation during the day. SUH believes that wireless mobile computing has helped improve the efficiency and quality of patient care delivery.


Key findings from TCO/ROI analysis


  • Projected ROI of 170% over 5 years, from use of Intel® vPro™ technology to support file and patch distribution, and software diagnostics and repairs on wired and wireless PCs.
  • Break-even point in 22 months.
  • Projected net benefit of up to $242,300 across 5 years, by reducing desk-side visits and improving IT efficiencies for daily PC management and support tasks.