Managed Workplace 2010 by Level Platforms


Level Platforms delivers managed services software for IT solution providers servicing small and midsized end customers.

For the last several years, Level Platforms has been integrating Intel Active management Technology (Intel AMT), built into the all new 2010 Intel® Core™ vPro™ processor family, usages into their Remote Monitoring and Management (RMM) console. Usages include remote power management and the ability to offer off-hours maintenance by using the integrated Power On and Power Off features; the ability to discover Intel vPro assets out-of-band, even when the system is powered off, for more accurate asset discovery; and proactive monitoring and alerting on system-critical boot events for faster remediation and lower operational costs.

With the recent release of Managed Workplace 2010, Level platforms have integrated support for Intel Serial-over-LAN, and IDE redirection (SOL/IDEr).

Intel SOL/IDEr terminal for Managed Workplace 2010

Users of Managed Workplace will be able to create both SOL and IDE-R connections directly from its web-based central dashboard, the Service Center, so that users can use SOL to boot an unavailable device to the BIOS and view start-up POST messages.  These features allow solution providers to rapidly perform tasks remotely for faster remediation of devices that would otherwise be unavailable and require a trip to the customer site.

With IDE‐R, users can mount an image from a network share drive, CD‐ROM or Floppy Disk image onto an Intel vPro enabled device, over a standard network connection. For the Level Platforms solution, the bootable image is located on the Managed Workplace Onsite Manager, an agentless software component at the customer site. Once an IDE‐R session is established from the management console at the service provider’s central Service Center, the Intel vPro enabled device boots from the remote media as if it were directly attached to one of its own IDE channels. With this capability MSPs can now quickly reboot corrupted systems remotely from an image within their customer network, further eliminating the need for an onsite visit.

Intel has published a guide that details the specific steps in Managed Workplace 2010, to execute usages that take advantage of Intel vPro Technology:


More information about Managed Workplace 2010


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• Leverage out-of-band monitoring and management for Intel® vPro™ devices and resolve problems on otherwise unavailable machines. Use SOL to boot an unavailable PC to the BIOS, or IDE-R to boot to an image.


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