If you are or about to commence a vPro activation, chances are you are using remote configuration for the provisioning process. That remote configuration process starts with you obtaining a Remote Configuration Certificate from one of the available commercial certificate vendors, such as Verisign, GoDaddy, Commodo or Starfield.


Recently there have been some changes introduced by Verisign, for which a blog was posted by a colleague of mine -



GoDaddy have also now introduced a change and if you are or were looking to purchase a certificate from them, pay attention:


If you go to the GoDaddy website - www.godaddy.com you will see that there are either Standard or Premium Certificates advertised on the home page. However - and this is the crucial bit of information pertaining to vPro - you actually need a Deluxe certificate and not a Premium certificate. Premium and Deluxe sound very similar, but the thumbprint for the Premium certificate is different to the thumbprint of the Deluxe certificate and doesn't correspond to the hash that is embedded in the AMT Firmware! Remember the hash = the thumbprint. If the hash is not already embedded in the firmware then it defeats the purpose of obtaining a commercial remote configuration certificate, as you will need to manually enter the corresponding hash through the ME/BX screen on each vPro client (or use a USB Key method).


You can still contact GoDaddy customer support (over the phone) and request a Deluxe certificate as state in the GoDaddy website: http://help.godaddy.com/article/5260


The other thing to make you aware of is that if you obtain a Trial certificate from GoDaddy, or any other commercial certificate vendor, (because you want to test the process before deciding to spend money) then the thumbprint and hence the hash is different to the hash that is embedded in the AMT Firmware, so you will need to manually enter it through the ME/BX screen on the vPro client. That is ok for testing purposes on a small scale, but probably not what you want for a production deployment.