For those who have been using Intel AMT in the past you may be familiar with the AMT DTK. This is a tool kit (with source code!) that contains several applications that cover vPro functionality. It’s been on hiatus for about a year since the last public release but the latest release was a couple weeks ago. Over the last year there have been many updates to the tools (IPv6 support, ability to set KVM settings, etc). You can see the full list of updates and download the binaries (or source code if you want to play) from here:


Now, let’s say that you are new to vPro, or you want to quickly play around with some of the new features of vPro. The good news is you can do this in about 10 minutes!


The first step is to configure AMT in basic mode (this is similar to Small Business Mode in previous generations). Here is how to do that:


The second step is to download the DTK (link above) and install the DTK. Once installed you can launch the “Manageability Command Tool” (this needs to be run on a remote machine. It cannot be run on the AMT machine you’re trying to trying to manage)


Select “File | Add | Add Intel(R) AMT Computer”


Enter the IP address or FQDN and your login credentials and you’re good to go!


From here you can click ‘Connect’ and the tool will pull up the System’s HW inventory, AMT settings, System defense filters, etc.