Have you ever walked into a tool room and thought to yourself - "I could make some really cool stuff with these tools". 


If that's the case - let me offer some ideas how Intel vPro Technology combined with the Remote Drive Share use-case reference might expand your reach.


As you may already know - Intel vPro technology provides out-of-band management such as reliable remote power control, boot redirection, and so forth.   It's a tool, which when combined with some creativity and applied to a situation becomes a powerful solution.   An additional tool is the Remote Drive Share use case reference design available at http://communities.intel.com/docs/DOC-4785.   This is a small Linux-based bootable ISO image to be used with the boot redirection functionality of Intel vPro technology.   The Remote Drive Share example provides a sample ISO image, source to modify\create your own image, and some brief instructions.


Okay - let's look at some potential scenarios where this might be helpful:

  • Remote client will not complete boot process - and you need to grab important files off the harddrive before reimaging

  • Remote client has been infected by a rootkit virus... or you need to run a full virus scan\clean outside of the local host operating system

  • An errorneous registry setting on the remote client needs to be fixed


Are you seeing a trend in the scenarios above?  They all reference a "remote client".   There are tools and processes to address each of those situations - IF you are present at the local PC.


Take a look at the following video to see how such scenarios could be addressed remotely using Intel vPro Technology with the Remote Drive Share bootable ISO.



One small clarification to be aware of - the posted Remote Drive Share ISO does not include NTFS-3G or similar components for NTFS partition read\write access.   However, instructions are provided on how the ISO image can be modified to support.   The video is an example of the capability, and more examples on how remote drive share can be utilized (such as obtaining dump files) will be provided soon.