As many of you know development of projects like Intel AMT take a long time. We generally work on a project for a full year before launch (well, I do anyway. Our developers, architects, and project planning folks begin working on it long before that). I realized that for someone just starting to use an AMT 6.0 platform the concept of Enterprise vs. Small Business Mode is now gone. Some people have come to me and asked “How do I just turn it on for a quick demo?”. Well, I’m happy to say it can be done very easily!


Enabling Intel AMT is a manner similar to previous generation’s SMB Mode (how’s that for a title?!)
Power on the system and enter MEBx (generally by pressing CTRL-P during boot, but this may vary from PC manufacturer to manufacturer)
Enter your password (the default password is “admin” if it’s never been configured)
Select “Intel(R) ME General Settings”
Select “Activate Network Access”
And you’re done!



There is a really good step-by-step with screen shots here:  (See section 3)