We hope you caught our first post introducing VNC® Viewer Plus from RealVNC.  We are really excited by this new technology and would like to tell you more about the innovative features available when connecting to the new vPros:


Out-of-band KVM - Users no longer need to rely on a functioning operating system and network drivers to establish a remote access session.   Complex issues can be diagnosed remotely, increasing productivity as users experience less downtime.


Remote reboot - A technician can perform a hardware reset in the event that the computer is non-responsive, reducing the need for desk-side visits.


Remote power on/off - We put remote power control in the hands of our technician users, creating a simple solution for out of hours working whilst enabling energy and costs savings as computers no longer need to be left on overnight.


Security – VNC Viewer Plus connects using the built-in security features provided by the 2010 Intel® Core™ vPro™ system.


IDE redirection - Technicians can mount and boot remote images.  As well as diagnosing problems, you can even fix them remotely! Watch our video below for a demonstration.



We’ll be launching VNC Viewer Plus in the last week of February 2010.  To keep up-to-date visit http://www.realvnc.com/products/viewerplus.