Today the Use Case Reference Design (UCRD) team has released Remote Drive Share (RDS). RDS is a very small iso image that, when booted, will share out the contents of the vPro system's hard drives. It works like this:


  1. User calls help desk because their system won't boot.

  2. Help Desk uses IDER with RDS to reboot User's system.

  3. Help Desk maps a drive letter to the User's hard disk(s).

  4. Help Desk can now back up user data, edit the registry, scan for viruses, analyze crash dump files, restore corrupt files, etc...


So my challenge it this; with KVM Remote Control a help desk can remote control a vpro system in almost any state. With IDE-R a help desk can boot a vpro system to any CD or floppy based recovery tool. With RDS a help desk has remote access to a vpro system's hard drive(s). Besides issues like replacing a broken part or checking cable connections, are there any issues or scenarios that a help desk can not troubleshoot and resolve remotely?


We're working on a series of UCRDs outlining how to use RDS and KVM Remote Control for various tasks like remote reg edit. We're also working on UCRDs to aide a help desk get up and running with vPro. So, tell us what you want to see, or scenarios that you think can't be solved and we'll add it to our todo list. I can't promise we'll solve your problem, but at least we'll all have our creative juices flowing in the same direction....fewer desk side visits and faster issue resolution time all by making it possible to do more remotely. What do you wish you could do remotely from your help desk?