With AMT 6 Intel introduces a feature called KVM Remote Control. It's basically a VNC server running in the hardware. Think about what that means. Say a user calls you at the help desk. Their system won't boot. You can take remote control and see exactly what is happening...no OS needed.


Today I want to share two things. First, I have released a Use Case Reference Design that will get you up and running with KVM Remote Control today. It provides step by step instructions, links to all the tools you need, and a detailed Q&A section covering the ins and outs of KVM Remote Control. Try it out, get to know KVM Remote Control, and let me know what you think.


Second, imagine is you will, a Help Desk tool that integrated all the vPro features you love - Remote Power Control, IDE Redirection, and KVM Remote Control. With something like that, there isn't much your help desk couldn't do over the phone. Well, RealVNC is working on just that. Check this out - VNC Viewer Plus.