So - you're an IT administrator, or your part of an IT services team that delivers outsourced IT to clients. You've heard of vPro and AMT before, but you aren't really sure what it is, or how it can help you in your job.


Well, if you are on the same LAN as the vPro/AMT machine, you can do lots of really neat stuff - take a look!


1. Power on/off the machine from your laptop/PC

2. Access the BIOS

3. Configure the machine to reboot off of a floppy or CD-ROM drive

4. Get an accurate invnetory of the machines on the LAN - even though that AMT/vPro machine may be turned off, you can still discover it!


Now - where things get really interesting is if you have an RMM (remote monitoring and management) too like N-central - wherever you are in the world, so long as you have internet access, an RMM tool allows you to remotely control/access devices on that network, the same as if you were on the LAN!


Imagine if a user calls you, and his workstation is behaving in a way that makes you think it's a BIOS setting that is causing the problem. You're in your office, and he's across town - do you really want to get in the truck and drive over? With N-central, you can just login to the UI, click on the device, and presto - you've got access to the BIOS of that user's machine! He's happy because his problem got fixed right away, and you're happy because you fixed the issue in the minimum amount of time, without having to roll a truck  - fantastic!