As we wrap another successful year of Intel Premier IT Professionals we heard loud and clear what IT content you wanted and how you wanted it delivered.  Anecdotally, from the event floor 'how do I get a copy of that presentation?' requests as well as online comments and our member survey.  You told us you benefitted most from the Intel roadmaps we served up.  As David Byrne might say, "same as it ever was," roadmaps were the #1 topic among our members in our last survey in 2007.  IT budgets may be pinched and some hardware purchases pushed out of cycle, but IT remained hungry for news on Intel launches to help make informed buying decisions.


Intel Premier IT Professionals is an excellent resource for roadmap information.  Our website hosts presentations posted by the time attendees leave an Intel Premier IT Professional event.  We also host roadmap presentations from other key Intel events like IDF 2009, which was delivered by Steve Smith, Vice President and Director of Operations for the Intel Architecture Group.      


How you wanted to get information from us, per your feedback, was via events and our enewsletter.  Members receive the enewsletter every three weeks, which contains the latest updates on new roadmap and IT best practices content.  


So when looking for IT insight, seek out the source.   If you haven't joined I encourage you to do so and get information on new technologies and insight into how you can make them work for you. Intel Premier IT Professionals is a community of Intel experts and industry peers dedicated to providing IT best practices, roadmaps and commentary to support your decisions.
Become an Intel Premier IT Professional to get:
- Exclusive access to regional events in the USA and Canada
- Knowledgeable community of Intel experts and industry peers
- Roadmaps and tools relevant to your job in IT


And it's free.  2010 will be a stellar year for intelligent Intel products that help IT solve business challenges.  Thanks for making it a great 2009.  The survey may be done but we're always interested in your feedback.