No one in IT wants to hear from the marketing guy but it's the marketing guy's privilege to hear from IT.  Earlier this year I sat in on three panels of IT managers and executives, 18 people in all, talking about, among other things, PC refresh.  I also just supported the final two Intel Premier IT Professional events for this year, where I hear directly from IT attendees on this subject.  Our own IT managers go on the road with these events, discussing how Intel IT practices and advocates hardware refresh cycles.  For PCs, the volume of financial data supports a three year lifecycle (see Intel IT white papers on how they arrived at the ROI/TCO models, posted on


Even in this economy, some companies were sticking to a three or four year cycle, but for others, it was slipping.  Maybe the slip was from three to four years, but for some it was slipping into no cycle at all.  "It used to be three years, now ..."  or "It used to be three years, now on demand break/fix."    I also heard the need for tools to help IT make the case for business value, "I report to the CFO, every dollar I spend I have to sell." 


We love to have our IT managers and engineers share best practices with our business audience, IT2IT, but sometimes IT can benefit from the finance perspective. We've had our IT finance talk publicly about measuring and driving value from our IT investments, but most recently we've asked corporate finance to share.  We just wrapped three successful webinars on CBSi, available on demand, with Julie Whitcraft, Finance Director, and Rebecca Radding, Senior Finance Specialist, both from Intel Busines Client Platform Division.  Here is the bottom line from finance on why/how to best maintain a refresh cycle, the impact of Microsoft Windows 7* on refresh, and why break/fix might not be the best solution for your aging PC fleet.


Sometimes it takes a bean counter to talk to a bean counter, so for the finance perspective you can find the webinars, tools, and more here on  And if you still want the IT exec perspective on this subject, you can find an on-demand webcast here from our Vice President and CIO, Diane Bryant, on the financial case for hardware refresh, both PC and server.  The webcast also features a leading technology analyst with advice for the CFO.   Let me know if these tools help.  I'll be listening.