I have been asked by several customers about the following scenario: I have a vPro system that was provisioned by my SCCM environment and I want to change the system name post this provisioning process.  How does the MEBx information get updated after the OS name change to keep the system in sync?


It is not an automated process (I hope that comes in future releases) so it involves changes to internal process to make sure this procedure takes place and you continue to keep you OOB manageability.  Props to Matt Royer for pointing me to this TechNet information.




Renaming AMT-Based Computers and Domain Changes

If you rename a computer that is already provisioned for AMT by Configuration Manager or move the computer to another domain, you must remove all the provisioning information from the AMT-based computer and then provision the computer again. You can remove the provisioning information either before naming or moving the computer or after renaming or moving the computer. However, do not provision the computer again until the name change or domain move is complete. If you fail to perform these procedures, the AMT-based computer cannot be managed out of band after the change of name or domain move.

When you remove the provisioning information, select the option to remove both configuration data and identification information from the management controller; and if applicable, select the option to disable automatic provisioning and re-enable it after the name change or domain move has taken place.