It’s understandable that in today’s economy that you might consider pushing out your PC refresh cycle to save cash today.  This is an area of cost cutting that many companies consider so you’re not alone.  But if you have considered, or are considering, pushing out your PC refresh cycle, have you factored in all of the costs that impact that decision?  These costs include the unexpected costs of supporting older machines once the warranty has expired, higher energy costs compared to new machines, and more.    The total cost of ownership starts to increase out in time and will eventually reach a point where it makes more sense to replace your PCs versus continuing to maintain them.  But how do you know what the optimal replacement time is?  And is delaying your refresh really the best financial decision?

There are strong financial reasons to refresh PCs now and, with the Windows 7 operating system, there are even stronger reasons to do so with PCs powered by Intel® Core™ 2 processors with vPro™ technology.   Join me for a webcast on Tuesday, December 1st, where I’ll walk  through our analysis on the PC refresh cycle and the framework we use, discuss the true cost of older PCs and how to assess your own PC refresh cycle, and share our experience with Windows 7 as part of the Technical Adopter Program (TAP).  I’ll also be joined by Amy Stephan from Microsoft who will provide more insight into why it makes sense to refresh now and why Windows* 7 and New PCs with Intel® vPro™ Technology are better together.

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