Here’s the situation, I recently purchased an ATOM set top box for my TV. I purchased this ATOM based box so that I could play my movies, audio and have an internet device for the TV for the family to leverage (facebook, shopping, checking out sites as a family). I was updating the OS, patching, configuring and ended up rebooting it a few times and then of course throw in a few HARD boots in the middle of it all.  I then went to boot it on and this popped up ..          

Error:  "Corrupt file - NTOSKERNEL.exe"


My first comment was “ah bummer”, then I said okay I’ll just do an IDE-R/SOL and just copy the NTOSKRNL.exe file, no big deal.  Oh but wait, it wasn’t a vPro system and at that very moment I realized how key vPro is even to me.   I then spent 10+ hrs throughout the week at nights, lunch, etc.. building bootable USB’s, CD’s that would replicate vPro functionality, with little success and trust me I was asking everybody for input, thoughts and help.   At the end of the week I just pulled the drive, copied the file and then it was back to good again.


Would I have paid for vPro in this box prior, Probably not, would I now pay extra for it, that would be a YES!.   if it fails again I’m going to just pull the drive, but seriously what a distraction that was to unhook cables, take out the drive, hook up to another system, copy file, replace, rehook, power up.


So now as I explore more devices in the home, I’m thinking more about “What if?” it needs to be remotely managed – what would I do, what is my baseline requirement.