We've started to add some new content to the community over the last couple of months that we're pretty excited about - Use Case Reference Designs. Have you checked them out yet? We have a team focused on creating these drop-in solutions that help you start seeing the benefits of Intel vPro technology as soon as possible.


Check Them Out

EZ Help Desk Console ExtenderHelp desk personnel don't usually have access to the management console. This use case reference design shows how the help desk tech can use Radmin to perform basic Intel® AMT functions.


Windows* 7 OS, Microsoft* ConfigMgr SP2 and Intel® vPro™ Technology Use Microsoft ConfigMgr to wake up your vPro systems that are running Windows XP, install Windows 7 on them, link the data back & *poof* the machine will be migrated the next time the user logs in.


Automatic Remote Firmware UpdateThis use case reference design is helpful if you are activating your vPro fleet on your own - and helps you perform Intel AMT firmware version detection and updates using Microsoft Configuration Manager 2007 SP1.


Local Setup and Configuration Using a USB Flash DriveThis is a new one from jake_friz- just published today! This use case reference design shows how a small/medium business can speed up the setup and configuration process.


And here's the library of Use Case Reference Designs:Use Case Reference Designs for Intel vPro Technology


What's Next?

The team has some really cool stuff planned:


Remote remediation solution which will allow a help desk tech to mount the vPro client's drive remotely - the help desk tech could then do things like run local anti-virus software to do a remote scan for threats on the mounted drive.


Remote KVM. The engineers are developing a standalone solution so that you can start using the remote KVM functionality the day that Intel AMT 6.0 launches. Why is this big? Because your management console won't have this support yet!