Over the last week I decided to take a journey, one without social media and interacting with folks online.  What I learned is the following:

  • Took longer to do my job (it’s true!!)
  • Missed out a few key interactions that would have helped me – it’s true, I am now combing back through to look a few posts – example:  Spiceworks just announced a new plug in capability that is leveraging vPro
  • Realized I was not sharing as much as I could have – I was working on win7 & vPro for SMB, defining the ease of use of both technologies in the 3-5 PC space.  I missed sharing this information out to the team and group.
  • Had a few dialogues around me missing something online – a few folks ping’d me throughout the week if I had seen certain things (from technology to people movement inside Intel)

So why does this matter to vPro?  Well, I believe part of the success of realizing your vPro value is to use our community, interact with us on twitter and be a part of the technology adoption and usage.    I also realized that usage of our technology is not confined to how we believe it will help you, but also how it will be used in different situations, location’s, and relevant to your business.   

If you want to connect with us, here’s who’s on twitter for vPro?  Here’s a few accounts.

IntelvPro twitter.com/intelvpro

SmartchickPdx twitter.com/smartchickpdx

Joshprostar twitter.com/joshprostar

I also missed the interactions online that I usually participate in throughout the week.