Abdul kicks us off with the core message - SMB is important, Talking about SMB, MSP & Mesh.







Teri McFaul - Talking about MSP’s and her work w/ the SP’s.   3 major IT service task SP’s perform area:  HW maintenance tasks, sw/anti-virus updates, hwupdates/remediation.



2 Options for provisioning for Service Providers

#1.   Manually Provision in SMB Site

go to SMB Talk

#2.  Pre-Provision before shipping to SMB




Now onto Ylian talking about two innovative concept ideas:

*Use IDE-r on the internet

*using Intel AMt in a mesh configuration



Teaser - Booting a minimal Linux* kernel

* use 2Mg disk image to boot a small kernel

* create a beach front: serial, disk and network

* User serial for control, disk for caching, network to download more tools


He will show how to build a linux kernel.


Mesh time

- Provisioning intel AMT in a mesh.


This was by far the best session for IDF for vPro that I was in.      I will put a link here to the material as soon as possible.