PROs002 class overview


Wired/wireless & Indepent of OS / Power state

*today is the announcement of SCCM SP2

Extending the wireless capabilities of SCCM




Config Mgr 2k7 features:

*setup & config

*discovery / inventory/audit

*remote console

* power control


*Bring vpro scenarios to your groups & collections – just making it part of your daily cycle’s.

“huge extension” in the out of band scenario


Power Management:

(site configuration, client relationship, collection based management).  Ability to do specific targeting to the client.


Help desk efficiency

·      remotely restart computer

·      interactive remote boot

·      remotely interact with bios

·      review core system HW inventory and audit info

3 Key messages for SCCM SP2

*Automate deployments

Increase Deployment reliability

Extend remote deployment scenarios to inpocrporate (reboot via id-r-reboot to PXE services.


Service pack 2 – MS SCCM

-       vPro integration

-       win7 enablement

-       Better together keeps ringing thru.



Here's what we have been waiting for..  SCCM SP2 - RC ready to go.