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Roadmap - Intel vPro Technology


2010 vpro technology #vPEC #IDF09 - Here's the real deal for ... on Twitpic


KVM remote control


Visual remote access - adds another layer on top of things like CIRA.


Architecture overview - remote management console makes secure connection to machine- Yasser shows how chipset/graphics communications to the remote machine.


KVM Architecture Overview #idf09 #vpec on Twitpic


Out of Office Connectivity


Fast call for help and remote pc assist technology


Remote pc assist - for end users who don't have corporate IT - small businesses, home users


Wireless without running OS - works both in band or out of band


Out of Office Connectivity - fast call for help & remote pc a... on Twitpic


Remote Encryption Management

Supports software full disk encryption, TCG OPAL, and Seagate DriveTrust.


Remote Encryption Management on Twitpic