In the world of IT, the challenge of defining value is mission important and keeping relevance to your end users is a key aspect of this.  One of the opportunities ahead for IT is the move to Windows 7 and the impact this will have on your end users.    Let's start this discussion around three areas of why you should take notice:






Microsoft & Intel have been working together to make Windows 7 and our Hardware perform optimally with this new OS

Why does it work better together you ask?  Well.  Better Yet - we'll show you

DVD video - Part I, II & III.












Intel Architecture is best of breed with Centrino2 & Core2 you have the best for energy efficiency, security, productivity ( the list goes on ). 

Intel Architecture simply rocks


  • Get the best overall performance with Intel® Core™2 Duo processor you'll get an arsenal of performance-rich technologies, including up to 6MB of shared L2 cache and up to 1333 MHz Front Side Bus.
  • Enjoy 3X faster multitasking performance with multi-core processing combines two independent processor cores in one physical package.¹ Processors run at the same frequency and share up to 6MB of L2 cache and up to 1333 MHZ Front Side Bus for truly parallel computing with over.
  • Improve execution time and energy efficiency with more instructions per clock cycle enabled by Intel® Wide Dynamic Execution.
  • Get smarter, more energy-efficient performance enabled by Intel® Intelligent Power Capability.
  • Improve system performance enabled by Intel® Smart Memory Access, optimizing the use of the available data bandwidth.
  • Get higher-performance, more efficient cache subsystem enabled by Intel® Advanced Smart Cache, optimized for multi-core and dual-core processors.
  • Accelerate a broad range of applications, , including video, speech and image, photo processing, encryption, financial, engineering and scientific applications, enabled by Intel® Advanced Digital Media Boost.

    With Intel vPro Technology it's easier to get this new OS loaded or to bring your IT shop to a new playing field for IT support.

    vPro who?  If you haven't heard of vPro yet, here's 4 intersection points with Windows 7 that make's it easier to deploy & manage.






    So what?

    Well it's optimized to work better together, our latest IA is better for your business and vPro just makes it all happen. 


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