How Do I Use the CSV File Generated by Dell CFI Process?

If you've utilized the Dell CFI process for vPro configuration\provisioning, you've likely received a CSV file with a list of preshared keys and password.   The normal process of importing the security keys to the Intel SCS database will not work since the import process is prompting for a .BIN file.


One workaround is to directly import the CSV data into the target database - IntelAMT. 


Making a direct database modification has inherit risks - thus you may want to test this on a separate system if unsure.   The good news - if you test on a separate non-production system, you can then follow the correct key export procedure which will generate a valid setup.bin file.  The valid setup.bin file can then be imported to your production server.

For those that want to go directly to database insert - here's what you do:

  • Check the last index number of IntelAMT database table csti_pid_map.  
  • Modify the CSV file to align to the target database table format (id, pid, pps, current_password, admin_password, used)
  • For the "used" field, value of zero '0' is unused and will show the values in the console once imported.  A value of '1' is used and will hide from console view
  • Use a bulk SQL import to insert the modified CSV file directly into the database

Explanation of Attached Sample File

In the attached file ( are three sample files for your reference:

  • samplesetup.csv - Modified CSV file to match the database table structure.   Notice that the index starts at 108 - this is because my test system already had generated 107 keys before stepping through this exercise
  • importcsvPID.sql - Sample SQL script for bulk import of samplesetup.csv to the IntelAMT database table csti_pid_map
  • samplesetup.bin - Correctly formatted .BIN file for preferred method of import   (this is unnecessary if you've decided to directly import)

Concluding Thoughts

My intent in sharing this is to provide a simple workaround method to frustrating situation.   Conversations with Dell associates have occurred, yet corrections to the CFI process for vPro provisioning have not yet occurred.   Thus in the meantime - if you receive a CSV file - use the workaround.