Reading through the wealth of information in SCCM logs can be a challenge, especially if you are provisioning a lot of systems at one time.  I've put together a VBScript example to help make the job of debugging provisioning problems easier.  This script will parse through the log file you specify and create a new log file containing entries relevant to the string you are searching for.  The most common usage for this would be to look through the amtopmgr.log for all entries related to a specific computer name.  This script will first go through the log and find all the thread values associated with the computer name, then, it will take any log entry with any of those thread values and place it in a new file and launch it in the SMS Trace (Trace32) application.  The idea is that having all these entries, not just the lines with the computer name, will paint a more complete picture of what has gone on during the provisioning process and cut back on the time spent looking for relevant log entries by hand.  Here's some information on how to run the script.

Required parameters:

/l: - The SCCM log file you want to parse, typically amtopmgr.log

/s: - The search string, often a computer name, you want to parse the logs for

Optional parameters:

/o: - The name of the parsed log file this script will produce.

      If no name is specified, the file will be named:

      <specified computer name>.log

Example: cscript sccmlogparse.vbs /l:amtopmgr.log /s:vProPC /o:parsedlog.log

You can download the script here:

Last Reviewed: 9/26/2012