Losing a laptop costs your company a lot more than just the lost hardware...think of the data that is on that PC. Now think about how many laptops you have in your enterprise and potential that there is for data breaches. Yeah, it is staggering - isn't it?!


Join us for the Securing Your Environment with Intel Anti-Theft Technology webinar on Tuesday, June 23 2009 to learn more about the impact of data breaches and how Intel Anti-Theft Technology can help you strengthen your PC hardware and security solutions.


Our panelists include Dr. Larry Ponemon, Mike Schulien, and Geoff Glave:


  • Dr. Larry Ponemon, Chairman and Founder of the Ponemon Institute, will share information from his annual study on the cost of data breaches; the associated financial impacts to business, the threat of customer turnover as well as preventative solutions. The Ponemon institutue is a research “think tank” dedicated to advancing privacy and data protection practices. Click here to read the study.


  • Intel Solution Architect, Mike Schulien, will discuss how Intel’s latest security innovation, Intel® Anti-Theft Technology, can combat security breaches by strengthening PC hardware and security solutions.  This new hardware-level technology will shut down a PC and/or its data if it is lost or stolen with the ability to reactivate it if it is recovered.


  • Geoff Glave, Absolute Software Product Manager, will talk about how IT administrators can use Computrace, Absolute’s leading IT asset-management and security solution, to secure their assets remotely, automatically locking down a system quickly in case of theft or suspicious circumstances. Computrace technology is the leading security service now using Intel® Anti-Theft Technology. Computrace with Intel® Anti-Theft Technology Whitepaper


Watch the recording.

And of course, what's an Intel Anti Theft announcement without Josh's stellar surfing video?