Key challenge with deploying a new operating system is preparing for the upgrade in your enterprise, from legacy applications, deployment schedules and seriously down to the how are you planning to roll out a new OS.  While in the lab testing we discovered a few use cases that highlighted how you could deploy new OSes after normal work hours - Minimize end user and IT productivity impacts and maximize deployment saturation in the shortest period of time using Intel vPro Technology to initiate a remote PXE or media boot or an integrated power on command.



We dug in deeper and found the following value points from our lab test for deploying after you have vPro enabled: 

       Perform remote OS deployments on bare metal hardware

       Perform remote OS deployments on PCs where the OS or PC agent are non-responsive

       Meet defined or mandated OS deployment timelines regardless of PCs’ power state or connectivity (wired / wireless)




While I realize that having vPro enabled is not always possible before an OS upgrade, therefore we are going to be posting how to deploy Win7 and enable vPro at the same time to assist with your deployment.   We will be updating the following wiki as the new use cases are completed. 



First Use case completed (as seen at MMS)



Windows 7 / vPro Wiki