Note: This information is based on Microsoft’s beta release of System Center Configuration Manager Service Pack 2 and is subject to change.

Besides extending ConfigMgr support for new Operating Systems (Windows 7, Windows Server 2008 R2, Windows Server 2008 SP2, Windows Vista Sp2) and Branch Cache (peer to peer content distribution), ConfigMgr SP2 significantly evolves their native support for AMT / vPro use cases and features.  As noted in the SCCM SP2 release notes, extension of the Intel vPro Technology support expands into:

OOB Wireless Management / Wireless Profile Management

·         Provide configuration of up to eight (8) wireless profiles per site that are available to AMT clients assigned to that site

·         Set the wireless information during AMT provisioning and configure all required profile settings (SSID, key management, encryption, etc.)

·         Send wireless profile operations to the Intel translator on AMT systems with revisions earlier than 3.2.1

End Point Access Control / 802.1x support

·         Provision 802.1x settings on AMT wireless clients during AMT provisioning

·         Send 802.1x settings operations to the Intel translator on AMT systems with revisions earlier than 3.2.1

Persistent Data Storage

·         Non Volatile Memory or Third Party Data Store (3PDS)

·         Write string data into 3PDS on AMT through OOB management console

Access Monitor: Audit Log

·         Enable or Disable Audit Log (no critical event settings)

·         View Audit Log through OOB Console

Remote Power Management: Power State Configuration

·         Enable configuration of the power policy settings and include in provisioning settings when provisioning an AMT system


If you are interested in taking a closer look at the SCCM SP2 beta build, you can get access to the download by going to and signing up for access.


--Matt Royer