Intel® Upgrade Service is now offering a Level III Manageability Upgrade for desktop PCs featuring the Intel® B43 Express Chipset, consisting of Intel® Standard Manageability, Fast Call For Help, and Intel® Remote PC Assist Technology. The included technologies in detail:


Asset inventory, HW alerting, SOL/IDE-R, remote configuration, agent presence, and system defense plus:

  • DASH 1.0 compliance for support of industry standards. Support for profile updates.
  • Measured Intel® Active Management Technology (Intel® AMT) allows Intel® AMT to be part of trusted platform
  • Host VPN* gives support for local management VPN tunneling
  • Fast access to fix PC problems inside or outside the firewall
  • Remote scheduled maintenance allowing IT to pre-schedule when a PC connects for maintenance
  • Automatic remote alerts so IT is aware when computer issues arise