The Intel Software Network launched a really cool site today - the Idea Zone. It's like a comment box, but better. You can visit the Idea Zone and submit your ideas in four different categories: Intel Graphics Performance Analyzers, Intel Parallel Studio, Visual Adrenaline Developer Program, and my personal favorite -- Intel vPro Technology .


The really awesome thing about this site is that you can follow an idea from start to finish. Visit the site to submit your own idea or discuss ideas that others have submitted. Vote on the ones you like. And you can make watchlists for notifications when an idea comes to life.


From Ajay & Gunjan, our partners over at the Intel Software Network Manageability Community:



The objective of the Idea Zone is to harness the wealth of community knowledge for product innovation. I am hoping that Idea Zone will establish an ongoing conversation where you have an opportunity to share your new ideas on existing products (new features, improvements), provide product suggestions as well as provide feedback on Intel Software Network. You now have the ability to influence the products/tools features.


You can also learn more by checking out the frequently asked questions:


I'm looking forward to seeing what kinds of ideas are posted over there! Go check it out!