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WHEN: Thursday, April 16, 2009

TIME: 1:00 PM ET / 10:00 AM PT



Advanced solutions for PC management and security

Nearly 90 percent of an organization’s IT budget and time is spent keeping their business running securely and smoothly. When provisioned with Altiris solutions, computers with Intel vPro processor technology allow unprecedented ability to solve business IT problems. These are just a few examples—regardless of the computer’s power state or the health of the operating system:

  • Remove infected computers from the network while     preserving a remote IT connection to the affected computer for remediation   
  • Speed patch saturation by up to 56%.
  • Reduce end-user tampering, which interferes with     enforcing IT policies
  • Conduct hardware/software inventory up to 94% faster     per PC
  • Reduce the need for hardware/software desk-side visits     by up to 56%.
  • Remotely repair BIOS from an IT gold image

The combined strengths of Intel and Altiris means that network management and security are no longer reliant on a software agent, which minimizes exposure to end-user tampering.


Sustainable – Green IT

Symantec and Intel promote and provide the use of energy efficient hardware, software, services, and best practices that reduce environmental impact by enabling IT to run more efficiently, conserve power, and cut energy costs:

  • Gain efficiency and save money when you deploy     Intel®-based platforms together with Symantec IT management software.
  • Reduce your company’s environmental impact by     maximizing resources and conserving power with Intel and Symantec hardware     and software.
  • Make the most of all your IT assets.
  • Control equipment sprawl by optimizing utilization of     each server in your data center.
  • Comply with current energy efficiency regulations and     be ready for future legislation.
  • Comply with the policies of your customers who require vendors to be energy efficient.