Intel® Upgrade Service enables down-the-wire hardware upgrades after a system's been purchased, providing new levels of platform flexibility to service providers and end users alike. With the purchase of a PC with qualifying CPU and upgradeable chipset, you'll get future-ready flexibility designed to change with your growing needs.

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Currently we have a Level I Manageability Upgrade available which is designed to bring a platform from “Standard Manageability” to “Intel® Active Management Technology (AMT) 5.0”.   




What are the minimum system requirements?


Intel® Q45 Express Chipsetbased motherboard with a non-Intel® vPro™ Technology Processor attached. Upgrades will not be supported for platforms based on Intel® Celeron® processors.



Where to buy hardware and/or upgrades?


Click here to learn how to buy hardware and/or upgrades!


Please post any questions/comments to this blog post and we will be happy to assist!