Intel and Symantec have landed another punch on the chin of excess energy use. In an enhancement akin to putting a horseshoe in a boxing glove, Symantec’s new Altiris Client Management Suite 7.0 takes advantage of Intel vPro technology’s latest capability to extend IT’s reach outside the corporate firewall.


As a result, IT can literally shut the lights out on the PCs that were previously bobbing and weaving just outside its reach. Many companies have an always-on rule – everyone has to leave their computers glow all night so IT can perform routine maintenance, install patches and other tasks.  Of course, this makes electric bills soar and leaves an enormous carbon footprint.


With advent of vPro three years ago, Altiris Management Suite users began turning off PCs when not in use. Intel vPro enable IT to turn them back on remotely just long enough for the task at hand and then turn them off.  However, this was only as long as the PCs were on the corporate network.


With the latest version of vPro, the firewall is no longer an obstacle with a couple of benefits.  First is extending IT’s reach, but second is enabling those remote end-users to place a fast call for help.  With a few keystrokes, a telecommuter or traveler with computer trouble now can immediately connect with IT for a fix.  But, of course, wasted energy isn’t the only opponent IT is nose to nose with these days.


The shrinking IT budget has a number of moves that has IT professionals worldwide feeling punch-drunk.  In this conversation, Intel Product Manager Tracie Zenti and Symantec Strategic Alliance Director Kevin Unbedacht discuss additional tactics, including a rather counterintuitive approach in a recession – spending money to save money.  I hear you, but give them a listen, especially how the State of Indiana saved $1.4 million.