Hello vPro Experts!


I would like to take some time to touch on exploration of the management engine via the local interface (specifically the HECI driver). In order to follow the exercise here, you'll need to have Windows Powershell installed, have the Intel AMT Developer Toolkit downloaded and installed, and have an AMT client (does not need to be provisioned) with the HECI driver installed. The HECI driver should be downloadable from your OEM.


To give you a high-level idea of the program flow we'll use to access the AMT device, consider the following:


  1. Load the "Manageability Stack.dll" .NET library
  2. Create an instance of the ManageabilityStack.HeciWrapper object
  3. Reference the properties and methods of the HeciWrapper object, and the HeciMeInfo object (provided by the HeciWrapper.MeInfo property)


Here is the Powershell code that correlates to the above process:


Loading the .NET Library


# Load the Manageability Stack .NET library

$AmtLib = "C:\Program Files\Intel\Manageability Developer Tool Kit\Manageability Stack.dll"
# Create a HeciWrapper object

$Heci = New-Object ManageabilityStack.HeciWrapper


# Pipe the $Heci variable into the Get-Member cmdlet to determine what properties

# and methods are available to us.

$Heci | Get-Member


Obtaining a list of embedded certificate hashes


# List embedded certificate hashes


Getting the BIOS and AMT Versions


# Retrieve the AMT version
Write-Host "AMT version: $($Heci.Versions.Versions["AMT"])"
# Retrieve the BIOS version
Write-Host "BIOS version: $($Heci.Versions.BiosVersion)"


Retrieving Provisioning Information


# Retrieve the provisioning server name
Write-Host "Provisioning server: $($Heci.MeInfo.GetAuditRecord().ProvServerFQDN)"
# Determine provisioning date
# This will return "01/01/0001 00:00:00" if not provisioned

Write-Host "Provision date: $($Heci.MeInfo.GetAuditRecord().TlsStartTime)"
# Get provisioning mode (Enterprise, SMB, etc.)
Write-Host "Provision mode: $($Heci.MeInfo.GetProvisioningMode().ProvisioningMode)"
# Get provisioning state
Write-Host "Provision state: $($Heci.MeInfo.GetProvisioningState())"




I hope these code samples are able to help you out in your administration / engineering endeavors! Please let me know if you have any questions, and don't forget that in Powershell .... when in doubt .... use Get-Member to discover what information is available to you!


Trevor Sullivan

Systems Engineer

OfficeMax Corporation