Hi all.  It's been a bit since my last blog and I did commit to sharing out the HW inventory list that we used for Park N Patch.  here's the list:


  • CF-19  - Panasonic Tough Book (note:  this a Montevina based platform, which is a Centrino2 w/ vPro Technology)

  • LiIon Polymer Universal Battery 90 Watt (this is the ticket for making the machine believe it's powered on for a few hours after the key is pulled from the service truck).

  • Access Point - Netgear WNR834B v2  (802.11g using WPA)

  • Console Laptop – HP 6910p  (we used this as a light weight console, vs. a true server or desktop)

  • Console – Altiris

  •   12 battery (i.e. simulates the truck battery)

  • Universal Auto 12v adapter to provide 16V to external battery


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