Have you ever run into the situation where you want to enable the auto-provisioning policy for a ConfigMgr client, but dont' want to wait for the policy to filter down to the client? If you're like me, then you would answer with a hearty "yes." Thankfully, I've got a method for you to force an SCCM client to enable auto-provisioning, without relying on the collection setting!


Keep in mind that, for some odd reason, pasting this code into a Powershell window will probably fail. Instead, paste the first 4 lines, and manually type out the last (red) line.


$OobSettings =  [wmiclass]”root\ccm\policy\machine\actualconfig:CCM_OutOfBandManagementSettings”
$OobSettingsInstance =  $OobSettings.CreateInstance()
$OobSettingsInstance.AutoProvision =  $True
$OobSettingsInstance.SiteSettingsKey =  1


Basically what this does is spawn an instance of the CCM_OutOfBandManagementSettings WMI class, sets two properties on it, and then writes it back to the system. This should enable auto-provisioning immediately so you don't have to wait!


Trevor Sullivan

Systems Engineer

OfficeMax Corporation