Well, my co-authors and myself are in the final stages of writing the book on Intel AMT. It’s called Active Platform Management Demystified and it’s been a lot of work. Lots of author’s meetings. For me, many hours alone at the Roadhouse, a local restaurant, writing chapters. Throughout the last few months, I was lucky not to have any writers block, in fact, it would have been easy to write huge chapters, just dumping my entire brain’s content into a word processor. The original plan was to write 13 chapters, but the book is coming out with 19 chapters.


We are going thru the final edits now before the final manuscript is going to head off to real layout and other book related professionals, so it’s still going to be a while before I can touch a printed copy. I have this vision of the book being rather big, but we will see.


Oh, the other big news recently was the book information showing up on Amazon.com. It is exciting for me to see my name on the site; also helps make it sink in. I was hesitant to blog about the book before because you never know if something bad happens, but it’s really going to come true.


I will post more as it’s moving along the process.