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Intel has been working with various companies on implementing the concept of Dynamic Virtual Clients. Driven by the need to stay competitive under brutally challenging market conditions, a global financial services firm has mounted an innovative “stateless” desktop virtualization initiative, using streaming OS and application technology to make IT more agile and cost-effective. (The firm wishes to remain anonymous.)


In a previous effort to control desktop management costs for over 100,000 workstations, the firm implemented a solution based on VDI, which did not work well for certain segments – the power users and some knowledge workers. VDI also did not solve the underlying complexity issue of managing at least one desktop image for each user. To service the power users and provide a solution for centralized desktop image management, the firm implemented a “stateless client” architecture that centralized management and distribution of desktop images through real-time streaming technology, deployed on economical, scalable PCs or “virtual thin desktops.”


The firm’s stateless solution assembles desktop images on the fly from a set of master OS images combined with virtualized, streamed applications. This solution combines the security and control of server-based models with the high performance and multimedia user experience offered by rich client workstations.


Check it out in the attached case study.