As an first MSP in Eastern Europe, I had a dilema which software or solution to use.
I made my decision but still I'm not  sure did I made a good decision.

Before I make my finall decision, I tried couple of software and mostly I'm was looking for a solution that can satisfied all the needs.

I wish to manage vPro platforms and non vPro platforms as well.

Solutions which were more apropriate to vPro platform has a lot of problems with non-vPro machines, SNMP devices etc...

The other one were very good with non-vPro platforms and SNMP devices but were poor with vPro platforms.

Still, I don't have a perfect answer, which solution is the best for MSP bussines and my personal opinion is that combination of few solutions are the only possible winning combination.

Normally, there is no recepies for perfect combination, as well but there is always a "winning" combination for specified situation.

I would be very greatfull if someone share some experiance with me in finding the best combination for MSP bussiness and to find out the best possible way for this kind of bussiness.

From my experiance, vPro is just a "cream of chocolate cake" and lots of "free" software for vPro is only something which should promovate technology in small bussiness companies.

But when we get to some serious bussiness !?!?



Sasa Milasinovic