Last month, Intel introduced Intel® Anti-Theft Technology with support from Lenovo and Absolute Software.


There are various use models that this new technology enables, such as:

  • The ability to disable a lost notebook PC and the data on the hard drive even if it never connects to the network (based on IT policy)
  • The ability to send a "poison pill" so that the notebook PC is disabled, along with the data on the hard drive, if the notebook PC is connected to the internet
  • The ability to re-activate the notebook PC if it is found again


Watch the following Intel Anti-Theft Technology demo with Intel executives Dadi Perlmutter and Pat Gelsinger from Fall IDF 2008 and learn more about how this new technology helps with theft deterrance.






For a more in-depth demonstration of Intel Anti-Theft Technology with Absolute Software, watch the following video:









Listen to industry analysts discuss benefits of Intel Anti-Theft Technology and why this technology is an important milestone that will help with notebook PC theft deterrence in the future.






Listen to a Lenovo executive discuss the benefits that Intel Anti-Theft Technology will bring to Lenovo based notebook PCs.





Listen to Absolute executives discuss how they are taking advantage of Intel Anti-Theft Technology in their software and services.





Last, listen to Intel's Anand Pashupathy, George Thangadurai and Duncan Glendinning comment on the benefits of the new technology.




Another Add, here's Josh Hilliker talking about Anti-Theft Technology @ the beach.