If you are deploying vPro have you thought about what might happen if you are running virtual machines on your vPro clients? The virtual machine will have its own virtual IP address which will be different from the actual host IP address which is the one we want when using vPro. What was happening was that the vPro machine was getting provisioned with SCS, but then when discovery was attempted with the SMS Addon, the provisioned vPro system could never be discovered and sub sequentially managed because the systems showed up as 'Outside Site Boundaries'. It seems that the SMS Addon had a 'flaw' in that it assumed that a machine will only have a single IP address. I cannot say based on my experience whether sometimes the host IP address will be picked up and the problem won't manifest itself or whether it will always be the virtual IP address that will be picked up.


I emphasize that I have experienced this situation when using the SMS Addon and not with any other management consoles. That doesn't mean the problem won't manifest with them as well or whether the design of those products caters for this. If anyone has come across virtual machines on vPro clients and this has or has not caused issues I would be interested in your feedback.


At a high level, the nature of the fix will be that the SMS Addon will not assume there is a single IP address and will loop through the IP addresses. If an IP address comes up as outside the site boundaries the sms addon will loop onto the next available IP address. This process will continue until it has exhausted all the IP addresses available on that local vPro machine and only at that point 'give up'.


The fix within the SMS Addon will be incorporated into an official hotfix which will be published soon; I'll provide an update once it has been released.