Professionals running IT shops these days are facing a number of mandates regarding the relationship of PCs and servers:  The CEO demands that data be secure.  The government requires compliance to a plethora of laws governing data retention.  The CIO says cut costs.  The IT technician would love to have them manageable within an eight-hour day and without a trip in the rain.  The end-user is amenable to anything as long as its mobile and he can get what he wants in nanoseconds.  Until not too long ago, IT professionals wrestling with this dilemma could pick rich clients or thin clients, and be assured that a number of these mandates would go unfulfilled while good part of his constituency would be letting him know exactly where he’d gone wrong.  Lately, however, a number of new client-server models have been emerging.  Taking advantage of such technologies as streaming and virtualization, these "dynamic virtual client" technologies provide options for getting the benefits of both rich and thin clients.  If you’re interested in knowing more, Intel’s expert is this area is Mike Ferron-Jones, director of Dynamic Virtual Client Technology.  He’ll be giving a seminar on dynamic virtual clients, including some that have emerged in just the past few months, in a , on Wednesday, December 10 from 11:30 a.m.-12:30 p.m. PST.  You can find the webcast here or on the viewer below.  Log on a few minutes early as there’s a short registration.  Best yet in these financially troubling times, the price is right – it’s free.