In continuation of my quest to learn more about power and identify who's making the IT shop transition to power management a possibility, I have news to report out on. 


Today while talking with a Frank (Intel IT) he mentioned that the very company I used to work for is now giving out rebates to customers that are utilizing power management software to control their PC's.  Specifically if you are in the Northern California area, the power company is called PG&E (Pacific Gas & Electric)   


Here are the conditions: (Please note the NO laptop portion).



Must be a PG&E electric customer. The installation of qualifying

software must allow centralized control at the server level of the

power management settings (sleep mode and shutdown) of PCs

on a distributed network. In addition, the software must have a

reporting feature that allows monitoring and validation of energy

savings. Qualifying software must be purchased and installed on

or after March 1, 2007. When contacted, customers must allow

PG&E access to customer property site to verify the software

license installation at the server level and the number of PCs

being controlled by the system. When submitting a rebate

worksheet, customers must ensure the following documentation

is attached:

1. copy of Software License Agreement,

2. a report directly from the Network Energy Management

Software that verifies the number of PCs that are being

controlled by the system, and

3. the number of computers authorized per License.

New Requirements

• Effective August 8, 2008, the rebate for the qualifying

software is for control of desktop PCs only.

• Effective August 8, 2008, a rebate will not be available for

control of laptop and laptop stations.

• Customers who purchase qualifying software by August 8,

2008 for laptop and laptop stations will receive a rebate if

applications are postmarked or received by PG&E’s Integrated

Processing Center (IPC) by October 8, 2008.

• Applications postmarked or received by PG&E’s IPC on or

after October 8, 2008 are not eligible for a rebate for laptop

and laptop stations.


Product Code Rebate/Unit Measure

M03 Network PC Power

Management Software $15.00/perPC



How wide spread is this across the globe?  i know in New York this is happening, where else?