if your reading this blog you may have heard these words "Fast call for help" in relation to vPro, however without seeing it in action on a live platform it may not make a lot of sense.   Therefore this last week I had an opportunity to see my first platform live in action making a call back to the enterprise and then to be managed through a Serial over LAN to go into the BIOS.   The Platform was the new Panasonic CF-F8.  Nicole already posted out the console view.



What questions do you have about this feature?  Also to note is that I started blogging about this capability called CIRA (see blogs below).


Client Initaitied Remote Access - vPro in 2008 - IDF


Centrino 2 - Digging in deeper into CIRA


My plan is to do a few more platforms over the next week with help from my IT expert (Frank).