Intel is very excited about the latest release of In this latest release, both and (formerly SoftGrid) have been integrated into a single management console. Microsoft's SCCM provides centralized management for vPro clients with its Out of Band management Console and can utilize scalable infrastructure to publish, deploy and manage virtual applications with full streaming capabilities.


Below is a checklist to enable the Dynamic Duo with some added BKMs:


Obtain SCCM with Application Virtualization.


Configure Out of Band Management with your SCCM Console.


Enable SCCM Wake On LAN using Intel's® Active Management Technology (Intel® AMT): SCCM --> Site Database --> Primary: Right click ConfigMgr distribution point, click Wake On LAN, select "Enable Wake On LAN for this site" and "Use power on commands only"





Enable Virtual Applications: SCCM --> Site Database --> Primary --> Site Settings --> Site Systems --> System: Right click ConfigMgr distribution point, click Virtual Applications tab and select "Enable virtual application streaming"





Upload a Virtual Application Package: SCCM --> Computer Mgmt --> Software Distribution --> Packages: right click on "New" And you will Notice "Virtual Application Package" option. To upload a Virtual Application Package you will need a previously sequenced application using Microsoft Application Virtualization. BKM: You will need the latest sequencer from Microsoft and follow the recommended sequencing instructions. Trying to upload a Virtual Application package previously sequenced with Softgrid resulted in a "Load Virtual Application Package Failed. Error : There is no VersionGUID in this manifest file. (Note: When you open the manifest.xml file the VersionGUID is in the second line). Microsoft provides a tool to convert previously sequenced packages called SoftGrid Migration Tool.





After you have successfully uploaded a Virtual Application Package verify systems within SCCM have both AMT Status "Provisioned" and SMS Client Agent Installed "Yes". To get the SMS Client installed quickly I found this command line useful:



  <sccmServer>\SMS_<SiteCode>\Client\ccmsetup.xex /mp:<sccmServer> SMSSITECODE=<SiteCode> /BITSPriority:FOREGROUND





Enable the client to accept Advertisements. During Boot Ctr+P into the Systems ME, select Intel ® ME Configuration -->select "Y", Intel ® ME Power Control --> Intel ® ME ON in Host Sleep States --> Select an option which allows for AMT Wake on LAN. I have seen OEM vendors give three different names for AMT Wake on LAN. You may find WOL_EN Pin, ME WoL or ME Wake. Note: Even if your AMT system responds to OOB Console commands, it still will not Wake Up with a SCCM Package distribution unless enabled within the Management Engine.





Install the Virtual Application client on the vPro System to process a Virtual Application Package. Now you're ready to successfully Wake and Update AMT systems using SCCM with Integrated Application Virtualization technology.



-Ryan Ettl