The identification and activation of vPro systems that are not remote configuration capable and that have not completed the provisioning/activation process prior to being placed in the field can be a daunting task in a large enterprise environment. Especially in the common situation where vPro systems have been deployed before backend infrastructure is in place.


To help address this, we created a small utility that leverages MEInfo to capture MEBx details related to activation, and store this data in the Windows registry. This allows for automated inventory methods to collect and report the information enterprise wide, allowing detailed planning of remote activation strategy.


The utility requires the same set of prerequistes as MEInfo to produce full detail, such as the HECI drivers to be in place, and Administrator priviledges on the local machine, but is small, silent, and Software Deployment friendly.


All of the data that iAMT Scan generates is stored in the local system registry:



Consisting of the Following String Value Entries:




AMTSetupStatus - Provisioning State of the Management Engine

AMTVersion - AMT Version

BIOSVersion - System Bios Version

Date - Date the scan was performed

DHCPServer - IP Address of the DHCP Server that lease was obtained from

DNSServerOrder - DNS Search Order

FQDN - Fully Qualified name of the host based on NT/AD Domain

DNS_FQDN - Fully Qualified DNS Name for the Host Adapter

Gateway - Gateway (router) IP Address

HECIVersion - HECI Driver Version

MAC - AMT Capable HOST MAC Address

IPAddress - Current IP Address of Host at time of scan

LMSVersion - LMS Driver Version

Make - Manufacturer

Model - Manufacturer's Model

SerialNumber - Machine's Serial Number

SMSSiteCode - SMS Site the local machine is managed by (if available)

SubnetMask - Current IP Subnet Mask

SystemName - Host machine name

UNSVersion - UNS Driver Version

UUID - The Systems UUID

ProvisionServerPing - Ping status for ‘provisionserver' DNS entry




iAMT Scan v.0.3.0 Use Guide:


iAMT Scan v.0.3.0 Executable: